Add device via iOS

Operating steps:

1.Install the SANSI smart luminaire and switch it on.install-bulb

2.Download the App “Stellar Wi-Fi”, Open the App, register an account and log in.

3.On the top right of the interface “Shortcuts” or “Devices”, tap "+" and then “Add devices” to access the interface of adding the new devices.

4.Choose the product type of your device to be added.

5.Make sure the device has been correctly installed. Tap “Next”.

6.Make sure the device is ready for connecting. Tap “Next”.

7.Tap “Go to settings”, or find the Wi-Fi network starting with “SL” under “Settings - Wi-Fi” of your iOS device, as: bulb_wifi Connect the Wi-Fi network and then go back to App “Stellar Wi-Fi”.

8.The App will automatically switch to the interface “Prepare for networking”. Input the designation and password of the desired Wi-Fi network, and then tap “Connect”.

9.App configures the network connection of the device. If it shows the interface of “Switch Wi-Fi”, tap “Go to switch”; or go to “Settings - Wi-Fi” of your iOS device and connect with the desired Wi-Fi network. Then go back to App “Stellar Wi-Fi”.

Do not use a 5G network Wi-Fi. It is not compatible with this device.

10.The configuration of the network connection takes approximately 60 - 90 seconds. If it shows the interface of “Successful”, input the device designation, choose the application location and then tap “Confirm”. The device is now successfully added. You can find the added device on the interface “Devices” and control it.

11.If is shows the “Connection failed” interface, tap “Try again” to repeat the operating steps of adding a new device.

[Why does it always show “Connection failed” while adding the device?](/en/stellar_wifi/faq/#Why does it always show )